Nessie weighs in on Scottish independence, in today’s daily cartoon.

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This one is for @fraudietrichlives no filter taken with Nikon D7100 18-200mm lens 📷

…and so are vintage cars…

What gorgeous pictures!

Thanks Daniel, yours are great too!

Vintage Air Show, Paine Airfield, Everett, Wa #vintageaircraft #propeller


Marlene Dietrich at the Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, 1953 | Photo by Loomis Dean

Sea of Guitars, EMP (c) 2014 Jonna Marie Garza


George Hoyningen-Huene: Toto Koopman for Vogue, September 15, 1933

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New AM/FM Radio old style. #vintage #c-r-o-s-l-e-y #am/fm #radio #lo-fi filter